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Every so often you read something that hits you smack in the face.
The concept you just read about is one of those "that's so easy why didn't I think of it" moments.
I was reading Paula Benner's excellent book, Benjamin Franklin's Art of Virtue Journal and had just that type of reaction.
Ben Franklin was the 15th child of a poor family, and had only three years of formal training, yet he overcame many potential obstacles to his success.
He lived from 1706 - 1790 and during his 84 years he became an author, publisher, inventor of the lightning rod and the Franklin stove, one of America's Founding Fathers, signed the Declaration of Independence, and was the United States Ambassador to France.
He was a life long learner and taught himself five languages and could play several musical instruments.
Ben Franklin started every day off looking for things he could do to help others.
He focused doing good by asking two questions every day.
In the morning: What good can I do today? Before bed: What good did I do today?Wow! So simple yet so powerful.
Ever heard the old adage - give to others and it will come back to you ten fold.
History suggests that the adage came true for Mr.
I would strongly recommend learning more about how Ben Franklin lived his life.
It may have been over two hundred years ago, but his personal character traits are as important today as they were then.
Some would suggest that those traits are even more important today.
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