Quantum Physics - What You Must Understand to Master the Law of Attraction

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When my students come to me about their struggles with the law of attraction one of the first things I ask them is about their beliefs.
How do they feel about the law of attraction? Do they really think it works, or are they just using it because they want to SEE if it works? As my students consider this question I like to offer them a fitting analogy: "You will only jump off a cliff into the ocean if you believe it is safe.
" If you go into the law of attraction with anything less than pure belief, then it simply will not work for you.
So the next thing I suggest to my students is to gather evidence from the field of quantum physics.
Quantum physics is the study of the smallest units of matter.
It examines the smallest parts of our world in order to understand the larger parts of our world.
As technology improved and equipment became more and more sophisticated the things we assumed about reality were turned completely upside down.
In truth, the realm of quantum physics is really an Alice in Wonderland world, where all manner of strange things occur.
There are instant connections between particles, where the individuations are not "set" in stone, but rather packets of vibrating energy that symbolize more of a potential than anything "concrete.
" Being a sub atomic particle is much like standing in the middle of a stadium trying to describe a single seat, but to do so, you must describe them all.
Only when a piece of consciousness becomes part of the "deciding" process do all the potentials collapse into one single outcome- and you have your seat.
In the end, science has found that consciousness plays the single most important role in determining the outcome of a set of potentials.
To make matters worse (or better), this strange phenomena is not just limited to the realm of quantum physics.
For the past 300 years, traditional science believed that there are two different types of "science"- That of the larger "visible" world, and that of the tiny, "invisible" world.
Logically, we may believe that once these tiny particles become part of a greater whole they will behave like traditional Newtonian science predicts- acting in ways that are mathematically sound and entirely predictable based on past experiences.
However, we are now recognizing that there is little difference between the micro and the macro.
Big things, just like their smaller counterparts, rely on consciousness to shape them into being.
Before consciousness enters the equation they are still in a state of "super position.
" Just like their tiny cousins they have instantaneous non-local connections, and they collapse into one outcome with observation.
Ultimately we are finding that the world is a lot more malleable than we once believed.
Consciousness, or the act of observing, collapses an infinite amount of possibilities into one outcome.
And we can consciously control which outcome we would like to experience with the power of our thoughts.
When it comes to ultimate reality you quite literally think of the painting, paint it, and then step inside it.
This is the true nature of our existence.
Is flying in a 2 ton jet really possible? Or does it work because we collectively believe it will? Only when you ask yourself these types of questions and believe in the infinite power of your mind will the law of attraction work in your life.

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