Organizing Your Life to Become a Clutter Free Shopper

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Reducing your clutter starts with letting go of what you don't love and use but that doesn't necessarily stop the clutter from flooding in.
To really make the shift to a clutter free and organized home you need to become a clutter free shopper.
This is much easier than it sounds and doesn't mean keeping out of the stores.
It only takes a small change in attitude and pausing to ask yourself a few questions before you buy anything.
Here are seven critical do's and don'ts to organize your thinking so you can become an expert clutter free shopper and start to eliminate clutter forever.
Don't buy anything unless you have the space for it.
This may mean closing your eyes and imagining where it will go.
If you find there isn't a place, walk away.
Crowded bookshelves don't need more books, swollen closets don't need more clothes and if you feel your home is too small don't buy anything until you declutter.
Clutter sets up a pattern of second choices and mistaken purchases so declutter, make the space then buy something you really love.
Don't buy the things you have all over again.
Cluttered homes are full of multiples.
Why do you have doubles, triples and quadruples of the same thing? It often is because you couldn't find what you bought in the first place so you buy and buy again.
Get rid of your multiples, see what you have, find a home for everything and then make your purchasing decisions.
Don't buy something because it's on sale and you might need it some day, or in a weak moment you make an impulse purchase under the illusion you are saving money.
This clutter accumulating pattern is the reason craft rooms are out of control and closets are full of not quite right clothing.
Buying what you love on sale is fantastic; buying something just because it is on sale is clutter.
Don't buy something because it offers you two for one.
This is smart shopping if its toothpaste or pasta, items that you use.
When it is clothing or toys it is clutter.
Usually in these promotions you feel compelled to make the deal but end up with one item you really didn't want in the first place for more money.
Beware if this deal is chocolate, you'll eat them both.
Do buy something that fits with your vision of how you want to look and with your vision of what is attractive, comfortable and functional for your home.
Being true to your vision creates integrity of thought and when you are clear on this it is amazing how things come to you.
Do practice the one in one out rule.
This is really tough in the beginning but you'll get the hang of it.
It simply means when you buy something new, something old leaves your home.
So before you walk to the cash register to pay, know what item you are going to let go of.
If you aren't sure walk around some more.
Do ask yourself if you really love the item because if you do you will feel great around it, use it, value it and love it.
Sometimes buying what you love and bringing it home shows up your second best choices and where you have settled for less.
This awareness makes if effortless to get rid of large amounts of clutter.
Pause a second and think a little about becoming a clutter free shopper.
You will find quality is in and quantity is out.
You no longer add clutter to your life and you strongly reconnect to what you love.
You begin to create a vision of your home and life and tune in to opportunities and possibilities to make this happen.
Best of all you get to enjoy your home and enjoy life!

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