The Ultimate Way To Happiness - Love Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

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The ultimate way to happiness is to love beyond your wildest dreams.
There are not multiple forces at play in the universe.
There is only one: love.
Life is made incredibly simple when you view each moment as a choice to either love, or to not love.
When you focus on that which you love, you attract more of what you love to you.
Love attracts things.
Do you think there is a limit to the amount of love that you can feel? Can you imagine yourself as a source of love for all? If you can playfully move through life seeing, hearing, and speaking only of love, you will live a charmed life.
Only good things will happen to you and you will experience levels of adventure, joy, passion, and triumph beyond what you are capable of imagining.
Just as darkness is the absence of light, any type of negative emotion is the lack of love.
Be compassionate toward yourself and others.
Recognize yourself in others.
Love people how you desire to be loved.
Compliment people.
Take a sincere interest in people.
Support everybody's endeavors as you would hope to have your own endeavors supported.
Rejoice in the success of others as if it were your own success and you appropriate that success.
There is no difference between your friend accomplishing their goals and you accomplishing your goals.
When you begin to love people in this way everything will transform for you.
Success will come easily.
People will be drawn to you.
Positive circumstances will be drawn to you.
You will feel like the luckiest person alive.
Every endeavor you take on will be a success because you have all of the power of creation behind your action.
The ultimate way to happiness is to love beyond your wildest dreams!

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