Robert Vitelli Works his Magic in Corporate America

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Robert Vitelli is a world acclaimed magician, but the real magic he does is transforming lives in Corporate America as a Personal Growth Leader. His groundbreaking techniques and strategies, Whole Life Harmonics, are the result of over two decades of travel and research seeking the fastest, most efficient personal growth techniques for positive change. He has developed his own unique methods that consistently bring deep stress relief and rapid, permanent positive change. People report profound improvements in their life, less stress, increased health, wealth, and joy o a daily basis.

The magic and power of Robert Vitelli's personal growth techniques is in the simplicity. Whole Life Harmonics is based on the idea that human beings are naturally wired to thrive in health, power, abundance, and beauty. Vitelli uses cutting edge mind techniques and exercises that harmonize with the body to identify and release blocks and stresses keeping people from functioning at optimum levels. More people are recognizing the negative tolls of stress on health and productivity. Even corporations are investing in personal growth modalities for helping stress in the workplace. But Vitelli's methods work to go beyond superficial stress, to directly release unconscious patterns of stress and fear that totally block progress in happiness and success.

Robert Vitelli focuses his workshops on women in their thirties and early forties, helping younger women break out of unconscious fears and inherited patterns such as the Super Woman ideal, which too often leads to giving more for less-at the destructive cost of stress. Women consistently experience lasting and profound stress relief and awareness through Vitelli's workshops. They enjoy increased power, abundance, joy, and improved communication in every area of their lives.

Women have accepted high stress as a tradeoff in business and corporate environments. But more women are realizing they have choices for navigating their personal and professional lives. Whole Life Harmonics gives them the tools for deep and appropriate stress relief that frees them to live in a flow of natural harmony between body and mind. It sounds magical, but that is what sets Whole Life Harmonics apart as a Personal Growth Leader. Women describe a permanent shift from being held back to feeling an integration of body and mind with a sense of abundance, joy, health, and power.

Robert Vitelli also works his magic as a magician for corporate events. The magic keeps coming.

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