Making Tough Decisions

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Most of the pain we go through will be because of the choices we make.
If a person decided to sell drugs, regardless of why they started selling drugs, they are going to be faced the consequences of selling drugs (locked up, kill, shot, stabbed, etc).
Life is all about making decision and choices.
However, if you make the wrong decision, the consequence of that decision will affect you negatively, causing pain.
The Valley of Decisions When God created man, there was one thing He had no control over--our Will.
Because God has no control over our will (unless we surrender it to Him), we have that freedom to do whatever we please, whenever we please.
However, when things don't work our as we had planned, we blame God for letting us go through pain.
Most of the pain we go through comes from some of the decisions we made.
Moreover, when that happens, we blame God for the pain that decision brought.
We complain, wine, and nag at God for not helping us through our hardships.
Yet, we forget to realize that God had nothing to do with certain decisions we do.
It only takes one right or wrong decision to alter our lives.
Some times, we make these decisions based on our feelings and emotion, a common mistake that countless number of people make.
As I look in our nation and the world as the rate of babies having babies proliferates, it saddens me because every young man or woman knew that getting pregnant could be one of the consequences of their actions.
But yet, they chose to explore the sexual world just to end up hurt, broken and confused.
The decisions you make today, will determine the person that you become in the future.
Making poor and unhealthy decisions will lead to hurt, frustration, bitterness, and hate.
However, making right and healthy ones, will lead to a future of hope, joy, peace, and prosperity.
We all make decisions daily, whether it was to go the supermarket, the park, or to hang out with your family and friends.
There are two types of decisions that you each of us must make daily and for the rest of our lives: (1) Major decisions and, (2) Minor decisions.
Major Decisions A major decision has the power to negatively or positively changing your future.
That's why it's very vital not to make any major decisions based on your feelings or emotions because those feelings will be based on the type of day that you are having.
The decision you make when having a good day will be slightly different from the one you make when you are having a horrible day.
Instead, make decisions based on principles, rather than your feelings.
What are principles and how do you make a decision based on them? I define principle as having a healthy sense of moral awareness to do things that regardless of the end result or consequence, you are at peace with God, and yourself.
There are two types of principles: innate and learned.
Innate principles are the ones that we are born with.
It is encrypted at the heart and soul of every human being because it is God given.
It is not based on a person's hair color, type of music they like, or who their parents are.
This can also be called your conscience.
Our conscience is God encrypted messages that come up to help us examine our decisions.
In other words, when a person is trying to download some information via the internet, depending on the content or source of the file, your computer will give you a warning.
It usually asks you something like this; "do you want to open or save the file?" and then based on your answer, it will say, "the file could pose potential danger to your computer because the source is unknown.
" The point I want to get across to you is this: your innate principles will not be comfortable whenever making unhealthy choices.
That is the primary reason why many people regret certain decisions they made in the past.
It is because even though they may have been self-gratified at the time, when they look back at it, they realized that their conscience was not okay with the decision.
Learned principles are good or bad principles taught by your family, friends, and society.
It is highly influence by your up bringing.
Learned principles can be universal; meaning that, whether you grew up in Timbuktu or Manhattan, there are certain principles that we have all learned.
And some of them are; respect your elders, get a good education, get a job, etc.
If a person who grew up in a dysfunctional family (a family that know they have problems but don't do anything to address it) were to make their decisions based on what they saw or learned from other family members, that decision will usually have a negative consequence.
There are always some exceptions.
Someone who comes from a functional family ( a family that know they have problem and work to resolve it) will usually make healthier choices because they have seen the results of making positive decisions.
A person will always make healthy choices if they make decisions based on principle.
When a person makes a major decision based on principles, they should ask themselves certain questions to be certain about their decisions:
  1. Is God okay with my decision?
  2. Is my decision helping me?
  3. Am I hurting anyone?
  4. How will this affect my future?
  5. Am I emotional stable?
Minor Decisions Every major decision starts from a minor one; many people under estimate the vitality of minor decisions.
It is because of minor decisions why we find ourselves in situations we didn't plan.
Every decision that you make, whether major, or minor, will affect your future and those around you.
Becoming a successful person in anything always start with the minor decisions that you make.
Those decisions will set the tone for other decisions.
Minor decisions can cause major confusion or joy.
Minor decisions can either bring positive results or a life time of regret and remorse.
The differences between major and minor decision is this; Major decisions are major because of more responsibility.
Minor decisions are minor because you have less responsibility You normally get one chance to make major decisions, while you have several chances to make minor ones.
Major decisions will affect your future, while minor will effect your day.
You'll regret major decisions with negative result, more than you'll regret positive minor decisions.
When you include God in all of the decisions you make in your life, whether major or minor, He will never lead you the wrong way.

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