Be Attractive And Magnetic

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Do you think you are naturally good in attracting captivating people and money you desire into your life?

Isn't it strange why some people are able to do that, effortlessly.

Or do you think you are just not a magnet to attract what you want in life?

I think most people fall into the second category.

Me included, but I think I am getting better and I have gradually seen positive changes last few months. Like I have attracted a higher paycheck, a guy mate, and some estate money from my father.

I also plan to donate some to charities as a give back to society and to practise the law of attraction.

Maria Duval tells me that the primary reason why people find it hard to attract things they want in life is because there is this invisible resistance to the things you want to attract. When there is resistance, there is a block, which is an obstruction to the life force current.

So, how do you know there is a resistance?

A good indicator is to gauge how you feel about your own desires. When you think of your desires how does your body feel? Do you become edgy and tense? If that's the case, that is a probable sign that you disallow the flow of cosmic energy to move through you.

Also, do you feel fear? Worry? If that's the case, a strong signal is being sent out and this is a clear signal to the Universe that blocks the flow into your life. You can only become more magnetic to your own desires and law of attraction when you understand when to release attachment to your desires.

A good method to practise is visualization which is a useful mental tool that supports the activation of law of attraction into your life. If you read the biographies of successful people, you will notice most of them have a vision of what they want to have. This vision is so poignant that they can see it happening one day. That is visualization.

Do you have a vision of what you want in your life?

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