Eliminate Roadblocks to Your Productivity

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Is there something stopping you from getting to the next step? Is there something stopping you from success? You have to eliminate all the things that is getting in the way of your success.
Success is easy, you just have receive success.
Success leaves clues.
Meaning you can look around at the successful people around you.
If you emulate what they are doing, you can be just like them.
So what is stopping you from having success? If you wanted to make a million bucks, ask yourself, why I haven't already made a million bucks.
Look at the people around you that are earning over a million dollars a year.
What are they doing that you are not? Going from $0 to a Million might seem like a daunting tasks, so take it one step at a time.
Look at the people you want to emulate biographies.
Go back to the time when they were where you were.
What did they do? How can you do it too? You have to eliminate road blocks to your success.
For example, if having Sales skills is one of the requirements for you to have success, then go learn how to sell.
Read books on the subject.
If your roadblock is not having enough prospects then go out there and meet people.
Get prospects, learn how to market better.
There shouldn't be anything that's stopping you from success.
Roadblocks can be anything.
It can be something big or something small.
An example of something big would be, you don't have a car.
For big things, you just have to get creative.
Borrow a car, take the bus, get a bike etc.
For small roadblocks like, I don't have my work with me while on the road.
Well figure out a system where you will always have the work with you.
If you need to write a business plan, then set some time aside to write a business plan.
You can always get to where you go from where you are at.
It's a process of picking which path to take, and figuring out your destination.

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