An Invisible Friend in Need is an Invisible Friend Indeed; Try God

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Are you one of the millions of Americans who believes in Jesus Christ and the fictitious stories of religious literature in the Bible?Are you one of the billions of humans living on the surface of the planet who relies on a false god or religious ridiculous teaching to help you know what is right and what is wrong? Are you one of the billions of people who cannot think for yourself and therefore needs some type of story to help teach you how to live your life in a proper way to achieve happiness and to prosper.
Have you allowed your children to be indoctrinated into a religion of false teachings.
Do you teach your children to believe in Santa Claus and do you allow them to have invisible friend's past the age of five or six years old?If you do not allow your children to believe in Santa Claus over the age of five or six then may I ask you why you believe in a god and have an invisible friend? Do you consider it mass religious hallucinations of billions of humans to believe in this utter hokum and poppycock?And may I ask if you are a religious person why you go around trying to indoctrinate others and get them to believe in this line of crap?Would you lie to your children at 10-years old to believing in the tooth fairy? Of course not, so why you go around preaching false religious storylines and help the enslavement of the minds of billions of people? Shame on you for spreading falsehoods, misrepresentation and misdirection; you are lucky you are not marketing a company or in the advertising business, because the government on behalf of the consumers would sue you, if not the consumers themselves for lying to them.
Consider this in 2006.

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