Unemployment - A Real Opportunity

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In these times of economic hardship, Larry King hosted an excellent panel of like-minded and very informed speakers; two of whom were Magic Johnson and Tony Robbins.
Magic Johnson, of course, is the retired NBA player probably more famous for his HIV status, but who also has become quite an entrepreneur.
Tony Robbins is an NLP life coach and very successful author.
He is probably most known for best sellers such as "Unlimited Power" and "Awaken the Giant Within".
The topic was the extreme rate of joblessness in our country and finding ways to think outside the box.
The panel was extremely progressive in their views.
Both Magic and Tony pushed the point that we cannot wait for the government to fix the unemployment problem.
The individual has always been the deciding factor, and small businesses will play the biggest part in getting people back to work.
As callers asked their questions, the common thread was that they were educated, had worked for years, and their field had dried up or laid them off.
They were waiting for something to be done instead of proactively doing something themselves.
They were waiting for the situation to change.
The fact is, Tony told one caller, "you have no choice".
You have to create something new, find a way that your old job skills can help you in a new one, or find what you love and re-educate yourself.
He called this "re-tooling".
Magic reiterated that point and added that you will sometimes have to change your zip code.
You must be willing to create an enormous amount of change in your life.
Change is very difficult for most people.
We want to stay in our comfortable places and have things return to "normal".
That is not going to happen - the only choice is to change with the times.
We want to fight it and we wait around hoping things will fall back in to place, but change is the only constant in life, and we must go with it.
It is the energy of the initial phase that is the most difficult, and when we get past that, often we begin to prosper and wonder why it took us so long.
People are in need of motivation and confidence.
If you are facing unemployment and waiting for things to change, it is time to change your mindset.
Realize that you are responsible for change in your life, and that you must save yourself.
It is going to be hard, but nothing worthwhile is easy.
Go back to your passions and the things you love and find ways to make a living with them.
As both speakers stated, many businesses got their starts during hard times.
CNN started in a recession and Disney started in the depression.
Find your passion, retool and reinvent your life! Don't wait on change - make change.

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