Setting Realistic Personal and Professional Long Term Goals

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Are you someone that likes to set goals for yourself to keep you moving in a positive direction? Do you know the things in life you want to accomplish and have you figured out how you are going to accomplish them? A good way to keep the focus on what you want from your life is to set some guidelines to determine your path by way of goals and when you want to complete them.
I don't mean just thinking about what you want to do but actually writing them down.
It's good to have long term goals for your life but it's even better to document the short term goals for everyday.
Many times we write down what we will want ten years from now but lose sight of it 6 months down the line.
You have to be able to look at something tangible to mark where you are in your goal setting process otherwise, you will never know what you have done towards that goal and more importantly how much further you will have to complete it.
Every time you reach a goal, you will find yourself wanting to keep moving forward.
Goal setting helps to keep you on track and prevents you from veering off that road to your success.
There's nothing like setting a realistic goal for yourself and then reaching it.
It's a euphoric feeling to know that you really can do something that you set your mind to.
By just thinking or dreaming about someday will mean that that day never comes.
If you don't purposely put it in writing to see, feel, and remind you daily of what you are striving for, it will never happen because you will ultimately give up and say it's too hard.
Starting small and building your confidence is imperative to succeeding with goal setting.
Being completely reasonable with yourself with your goals is also very important because to say that you want to change the world by becoming the President one day is something that most likely will be out of reach.
But if you say you want to change the world by first changing the surroundings where you live through politics or whatever means you can, then that is something doable and logical.
You could very easily cross that off your list and move on to the next goal you wish to accomplish.
When writing a goal, you must be very specific.
If you want to help out in your community, then you can write down the things that you know you could do to help like, volunteering at a homeless shelter, organizing a park clean-up in your neighborhood, volunteer at a public school in some capacity.
If you are not specific with the intended goal, you will not have the drive to even begin the process.
It has to be a direct and deliberate statement.
Write down a time and date that you would like to complete your deliberate goal you have set.
It doesn't mean that when that date comes and you haven't fulfilled your responsibility to that goal that you will be punished.
Setting a time limit is important to help keep you moving forward.
If you don't complete a goal by that date, it's okay.
More times than not, you will be further ahead towards that goal had you not given yourself that time limit.
At that point, determine how much longer you think it will take and place another date for that completion.
Setting goals are important for everyone for pointing you in a direction you want to go in a shorter period of time.
Some people actually do complete certain goals just because they said so but didn't document it.
Those that do already had a strong desire to finish something.
For most of us, we need a little more guidance to nudge us in that direction and also it gives us the opportunity to discover down the line if this was the right path.
You may find that the goals you set for yourself were not what you really wanted but gave you other ideas you had never even thought of.
So set those goals in writing and start small.
You may be surprised of the road you eventually end up on by doing so.

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