A 3 Step Goal Setting System

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There is a simple 3 step goal setting system that works for anything you desire.
When you want to accomplish something - anything, there are three things that you must have to get what you want.
Nothing can be accomplished without Thoughts, Feelings and Actions.
When you want something as simple as a glass of water you need to think about that glass, you need to feel a desire to get it and then you need to act and serve yourself that glass of water (or at least convince someone to do it for you).
When you use your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions correctly you can accomplish small and big goals much easier than you may have previously thought.
Here is the exact 3 Step Goal Setting System: 1) Thoughts - Write down a clearly defined goal.
Make sure that you write it as if your goal has already been accomplished.
Use only your own actions and put a definite deadline on it.
2) Feelings - Your goal must be something that you truly desire to have or do.
Repeat your goal to yourself out loud at least 50 times a day to help keep yourself focused.
3) Actions - Make a daily list of the things you need to do to get a little bit closer to your goal.
Be persistent with this.
Get at least one small task done everyday.
Don't underestimate the power of this simple plan.
It is simple, but as it is with most simple things it works.
No goal can be achieved if it doesn't have the three elements of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions.
By following this 3-step goal setting system you'll be able to accomplish much more, much faster.

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