Overcoming Perfectionism - Learn To Create The Wham Bam Way!

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Perfectionism is one of those few words that strike terror into the heart and minds of most of us who are creative.
Along with that other dreaded "P" word - Procrastination - it can do more damage to our creative confidence and levels of productivity than virtually anything else.
So is there any hope that we can overcome perfectionism? Or do we simply resign ourselves to the fact that it's part of the creative life and we just have to accept that it will always have some kind of hold over us? The good news is yes there is plenty we can do to beat perfectionism! One great technique is to create the "Wham Bam" way.
This is a way of creating I've personally used, among others, to avoid the painful drain of perfectionism.
Here's what typically happens when we have a perfectionist approach in a creative project: You start with a good idea, your motivation and excitement levels are high and you're full of hope for how this project will turn out.
This initial energy gives you a strong start and you throw yourself into creating, flowing freely and easily.
The hours disappear as you create without hindrance.
After a while though, the pace starts to slow.
You know that the end of the project is approaching and you're not quite sure how to finish it.
So to avoid this dilemma, your level of creativity begins to drop.
It feels like you've been running freely across a sandy beach and now you've hit the ocean.
Except the ocean isn't water, it's treacle.
The further in you go, the deeper the treacle and the more difficult you find it to continue creating.
In fact, so strong is your perfectionism, that before you've even got to the point of needing to finish off a project, it's already exercising its power over you.
It's not the perfectionism itself that's slowing you - it's not the decisions you have to make to finish off the project.
It's knowing that you're APPROACHING the end of this creative project and will have to soon make decisions about how to complete it that's REALLY causing the problems.
So, what's the Wham Bam method, and how's it going to help you be more creative in the face of perfectionism? Whatever you create, however short or long your creative projects are, however simple or complex, you can benefit from regularly creating the Wham Bam way.
This means choosing a small, simple project that you can (and will) complete in a 15 - 30 minute session.
By taking on these Wham Bam projects you can go from idea to completed project so quickly you don't have TIME to worry about how you're going to finish it! It's crucial to set yourself a time limit and stick to it.
The worst thing to do is set yourself a 30 minute limit then reach it, panic, and let your old perfectionist tendencies kick in.
"Just another 5 minutes, just a little tweak here and nip there and it'll be perfect".
2 hours later you'd still be saying exactly the same thing, and still believing you need just that extra 5 minutes.
So, try the Wham Bam method today.
Pick a small project like writing a haiku, making an Artist Trading Card, or taking a set of 5 photos of a certain object.
Set yourself a time limit, a maximum of 30 minutes.
Then go create! The more you try this technique, the more it'll help you beat perfectionism.
Get started today and notice the powerful changes the Wham Bam method can make in your creative life.

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