How To Reduce Holiday Overwhelm And Holiday Stress

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The holidays are full of things happening.
Family and friends come in from out of town.
Parties both expected and ones that you get invited to at the last minute.
Reminders of people who are no longer around come to mind.
There is planning, decorating and shopping.
Somehow you still have the normal things to do as well, so it is easy to feel overwhelmed.
What can I do? If you are the type that wants the perfect holiday, remember perfection is moving target always two steps ahead.
The over the top decorated house may impress outsiders but it does not give you or your family good memories.
The jam packed schedule may allow you to do more, but you will remember less.
It is the simple things that we remember.
Where can you cut back? Sitting around the fire, enjoying cocoa, sharing stories with those who are close is a better memory than quickly dashing between parties.
Choose one party instead of two or more.
Choose one activity and spend more time with it than trying to squeeze in several.
Get together with others and do a cookie exchange rather than bake batches and batches of different cookies.
Fight the holiday overwhelm by doing less things and more of what you love.
How can I fight holiday stress? It is easy to feel overwhelmed during the holidays because you have many things to do.
The busy schedule prevents you from taking breaks.
Between holidays and cold weather you might not be doing things you normally would that help you relax.
Have you allowed for some changes? You may think with the holidays you have enough changes to your life and schedule, but there are other changes that can help.
When someone offers to help, accept the offer.
Do not think of the offer as merely being polite, but as a genuine offer.
Even if all they do is pick up your dry cleaning or children while they are running errands that is more time for you to do something else.
If you have children enlist their help.
Accept that others will have their own way of doing things, and what they do helps you.
Have you kept some constants? Your routine of exercising or other routines are not something you should drop because of a busy schedule.
Change the frequency or decrease the time, but give yourself time to focus on something routine.
This will give you a down time to help with your stress level.
Will this help reduce holiday overwhelm? Allow others to help, you get more time with those who are important to you.
The simple things are the best memories, and remember what is important.
When you focus on what is truly important, family and friends, then it will be easier to reduce overwhelm.

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