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Oprah Winfrey and bestselling author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle teamed up to teach a live weekly Web seminar, called a Webinar.
It was centered around Tolle's book (and Oprah's latest Book Club selection) A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose.
This event, which has been hailed as "the biggest classroom ever," was watched by nearly 10 million viewers over ten weeks.
Tolle's book sold 3.
5 million copies in the first four weeks on the Oprah's Book Club selection.
Oprah said, "I love this Eckhart Tolle book because my goal in life is to get people to think for themselves in a way that they know who they are.
You don't have to wait until you're 54, or 63, but the whole point of this show, all these years, is to try to bring a sense of self-actualization to my audience.
That's what I'm trying to do.
This book is the best in its genre [that] I've ever seen in terms of its clarity and its ability to get people to see the light of who they are, and once you see that, you stop wasting time.
" During the Webinar a viewer asked: "Why is this happening now?" Why were some 700,000 watching a show encouraging an awakening of spiritual consciousness? Tolle answered, "It's happening now because we're reaching a crisis point.
Very essential things don't happen until there's an absolute need for them to happen.
If you look at the history of the 20th century, that gives you a taste of what it will be if there is no major shift.
" Conservative estimates conclude that more than 100 million humans were killed by other humans in the 20th century, Tolle said.
"It's unbelievable insanity when you look at that history.
And so if there's no shift in consciousness, we will go downhill very quickly, because we're already in the process of destroying the planet.
But there will also be continuous conflict, collective conflict, and eventually, then, humanity would collapse.
" Oprah: "So you think we're at a crisis point, no?" Tolle: "Crisis point, yes.
" Tolle's principle teaching point is that we must move away from our ego-centered view of who we are to one that is a part of the greater whole of all life.
"You don't become special, you become quite ordinary as that new consciousness arises.
It doesn't say 'look at me!' It is this need to be special that is part of the mentally made sense of self.
It says, 'Please let me be special.
If I can't be more successful than other people, please let me be special in my misery.
Please let me be more miserable than other people.
The need to be special goes.
You are in the field of now.
It's vast.
It's alive.
You are spaciousness around phenomena.
The need to stand out, to make an impression isn't there.
Words will still come out of your mouth, but not in a self-seeking mode.
"Instead of going through life and reacting to the content that arises continuously in your life-new things, thoughts, emotions, external events, people, places, the scenery around you that changes continuously-the content is allowed to be.
The content arises in the 'now' but you become aware of the now itself, beyond the phenomena that arises.
That is the miracle of transformation of consciousness.
"What does that mean? You become aware of the now itself.
You become aware of an undercurrent of stillness in which everything happens.
Then you realize that you are that deep undercurrent of stillness around which the phenomena occurs.
From that moment, the world is no longer problematic.
Whatever content there is in your life, including the story of me, is no longer problematic.
It's simply the story of me.
But you don't get your identify from it.
What's left are photo albums, either physical photo albums or those that are in your head, those things that happened to me.
These are not an illusion.
They happened.
But you are no longer in a reactive relationship to those events.
You are not seeking yourself in your reaction to this events or people.
You don't look for yourself in these.
You can't find yourself in them.
You are in the undercurrent of stillness around which all of these events and relationships occurred and continue to occur.
"The future is no longer threatening-nor is it promising! It just is.
And you deal with it without seeking an identity to it or with it.
It's simple, effortless doing-not seeking yourself in something or someone.
When you simply come from the now, there is vast power that flows through you.
You are in the undercurrent of stillness.
"A few people have experienced this in emergency situations.
They simply took action to deal with it in the now.
And they did just the right thing.
There was no thought involved.
There was a greater power that took over.
There was no 'me' involved in their actions.
Your whole life can be like that simply by dwelling in the un-dercurrent of the field of now, the still consciousness around which all phenomena occurs.
The fear of loss is gone.
Why is there a fear of loss? Because there is identification with some content, and if I lose that, I lose a part of who I am.
The content simply comes and goes.
No content stays.
It's ever changing.
You can see what a miraculous transformation this is.
You no longer live dominated by fear of loss.
You can constantly live in a state of joy and aliveness no matter what is coming at you or going away from you.
"You and the universe are playing with form and content.
When you create without self-seeking, you create beautifully.
"Oh, I have to have that! Oh, I have to fight him or her! He might get there before I do.
Oh, I have to com-pete.
These put a negative energy into the actions.
All these go away and the power of consciousness itself flows through you.
It loves to create! It'll create through you.
Let it flow.
Then all that is left in your life is the simplicity of this moment, and it's always quite simple.
Embrace the now.
Embrace what is.
Through that em-brace, you know the spaciousness that is around the form that is there.
This is the new state of consciousness that is arising.
" As you can see, Tolle is clarifying ancient Eastern teachings in modern terms and situations.
It's the "be here now" concept of living in the present, with an added twist of sensing the deeper, still consciousness, or "observer," that sees life's events and relationships with detachment, without being possessed by them.
This frees one from the wheel of incarnations and self-consciousness.
It is not a higher place to go to; rather, it's a state of mind, a state of heart, wherever and whenever we are.
We still care about and take action in life but we do not find our identify in these circumstances of life, and these relationships.
Our identity is in the infinite stillness around which life happens.
We attempt to improve it, to lift it to the highest ideal we perceive, but we do not find ourselves in it.
It is the flow of creative content and form.
We are one with the source of that creativity, pure consciousness, the eternally still observer and selfless co-creator with the Creative Forces.
The ideal motivates our actions and thoughts, not self-seeking.
Let's try going through a day with this attitude and state of consciousness.
A meditation in the morning will help us to begin the day in the undercurrent of stillness.

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