How to Stay Positive When You"re Having a Bad Day

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Staying positive when things are going wrong requires a person to rely on their own ability to see positive things that are also happening at that moment.
Even in the midst of great tragedy, human nature prevails and most people make the right decisions and reach out to others in the name of hope.
  Remaining positive when going through a rough patch, is the normal expected reaction of a positive thinker.
No day is really a bad day, it is always a good day with a few or even many bad moments.
The way to remaining positive is that positivity must already be your normal mode of operation.
Being positive does not mean laughing all the time, or seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.
Positivity is knowing that things will balance out and as long as you keep looking for the up side of every situation you will come out on top.
It does not mean that bad things don't happen, or that a positive person doesn't feel grief or sadness.
Positivity is a life style.
Negativity is also a life style.
A negative person sees each day as a bad day, with few good things in it, if he recognizes them at all.
When things really get rough, a positive thinking person focuses on better things in life; past, present and future.
A positive person can handle the details of a disaster or business loss without losing his ability to see the light.
He knows that all things pass, and whatever the events that cause this negative event in his life will also pass.
Thinking in a positive way is a choice that a person must make each day.
It is not insulation from the insults that life deals each of us every day.
Life is full of choices, we all make choices of one type or another every moment.
  The question posed by the title of this article is how to stay positive when having a bad day.
The answers are many but include:Striving to make things better; expecting good results, actively dealing with the bad event(s) so that they are put behind you; depending on the law of attraction to continue to bring good things into life, and taking the actions to put them in motion.
The positive thinker accepts that bad things come into everyone's life and that they will not stay this way forever.
Extreme success and great things often follow closely behind great loss.
Keeping a positive outlook does not prevent bad things from happening but the positive outlook can prevent the snowball reaction of more bad things rolling in.

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