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My blog has my personal thoughts on my learning from life and it covers the various aspects of life. These are my thoughts on the topics on which I have pondered deeply. Over the course of life I faced various questions about my views and my ideas which made me pen down my thoughts. I remember when I was ten years old I used to ask myself about what is beyond this universe. At such young age it was difficult to conceive the thought of a universe without any boundaries. Now my son asks me the same questions and I have realized that most of the children have the same curiosity. As we grow old we get so lost in the chaos of life that we lose our spiritual side.
Later, in my adolescent years I remember having a talk with some of my friends about the meaning of I and as to who am I? Is it my conscious or is it my body? This talk always stayed in my mind and I used to reflect on it time and again. Finally I got the opportunity to write my thoughts and hence I wrote the article on €I€.
After completing my 12th standard I went to college. At that time my father developed a heart problem due to which there was a lot of tension in the house. My sisters and I were all very young to understand the situation. Due to the tensions and the anxiety somebody recommended my father to attend a meditation course which would help him in all ways. After the meditation course my father felt quite rejuvenated and seeing the positive effects of the meditation on my father I also went for the meditation course. This course primarily talked about desires and how to address your desires in life. It also emphasized on the method to achieve happiness. After the completion of the course I started questioning the necessities of desires. After a lot of discussions with my friends and gathering a lot of viewpoints I wrote the article on €Want€.
One thing that I have seen in people around me is that everyone is craving for happiness and they are trying to find different ways to find that happiness. The less the desires, the more the happiness. From my own experiences I have concluded that the contentment and happiness go hand in hand. It is probably most difficult not to be passive yet contented. This made me write the article on €Happiness€.
I was born with some characteristics and some other traits developed in my personality due to circumstances. One of the most prominent trait I have is that I am a control freak. Also, I have realized the importance of losing control and letting life take its own course. The peace you get from losing the control and just letting go is unparallel. This made me write the article about €Control€.
Death is an inevitable part of living. The day you stop being afraid of death and accept it is the day that you actually start living. I have wondered a lot about death and its consequences. Even the people who live the worst of lives are afraid of death. Is it because of the method by which you die or is it because that people have a hope of living a better life? I wrote the article on death giving it a name of €I Wonder€.
I will keep writing such articles in my blog. Seeing life from a different perspective is important for me and writing this blog gives me a release. Questioning the way we live life gives me an opportunity to upgrade our thoughts. I would love to see myself grow up rather than growing old.

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