Financial Success and Taking Responsibility - How to Achieve Goals by Taking Charge of Your Life

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Taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life is the first step towards success.
I am able to make this statement because I believe it is a huge part of why I was able to change my life so drastically during 2006.
Now that I understand this concept more fully, I am aware of people around me even more.
They blame others for everything that is not going right in their life.
They blame their spouse, their boss, their parents, their children, the economy, and so on.
When some part of their life goes well, they do not even stop to feel appreciation and gratitude.
Instead, they feel like it is just a small event in between failures.
This used to describe me and my outlook on life.
When I was a teacher I blamed the administration, the system, and the other teachers when things did not go well.
Even though I love being in the classroom with the children, I did not appreciate how fortunate I was to be spending time with a group of amazing young people each day.
Instead, I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop and another unhappy event to unfold in front of me.
Working in real estate was even more difficult, because there were so many people and situations to blame when I did not do as well as I had hoped for.
Most of the people I was around could definitely empathize with what I was experiencing.
After all, it wasn't my fault that interest rates were so high and that my clients could not qualify for a loan.
In 2005 I realized that I had had enough of this way of living my life.
Within a year I had resigned from the school district and stopped working in real estate.
I lived off my savings for a year and began to get in touch with who I really was.
This was not an easy road because I had fifty years of experience in not taking responsibility for my own life.
Slowly I began to understand how important it was for me to believe that I had complete control over every aspect of my life.
In the past few years I have changed every part of my life.
I am financially free and have a life I never could have dared to dream of.
Success is part of every step I take.
Perhaps I was not ready for my life to change until that time, but now that it has I want to share the information that helped me with everyone I possibly can.
You can have the success and financial freedom that will set you free, simply by learning how to take responsibility for yourself and your life.

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