What is More Important?

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As I sit here tonight, it would be so easy to curl up in bed and not finish the details on my "get it done checklist" for today.
Have you ever felt that way? Of course you have.
The difference between the highly successful entrepreneurs and the "just getting by" home business owners is such a slight edge.
Those of us who truly are committed to success will stay up and finish that last detail before we call it a day.
Jim Rohn reminds us that it is easy to do but it is just as easy not to do.
That slight edge of little success habits makes a huge difference in a week, a month and a year.
It is truly the little things which make the difference between success beyond your wildest dreams and living a mediocre life.
Will it destroy your business if you don't accomplish anything one day? No.
Will it make a big difference if you do accomplish your list one day? No.
The difference is your thoughts which translate into your words which flow into your actions.
It all starts with your thoughts.
What do you think is important? Is it more important to send that last email to a potential customer or is it more important to see the beginning of your favorite TV show? It's those little things.
Those slight edge decisions compounded over time which make the difference between the top and the bottom of the success ladder.
Look at your list of tasks for today.
Well first, did you even make a list of the things you chose to accomplish today? If you didn't even make a list then that is the first place to start.
Make your list at night.
Look at it first thing in the morning.
Start to work on it immediately.
Review it the last thing before you turn out your bedside lamp.
It is all about the little daily decisions.
You are making choices to succeed or fail all day long.
Be conscious of your choices.
Are they serving you or destroying you? Since you are making the choices, if you don't like the results, then make better choices.
You will be amazed at the improvement in your results.

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