The Ten Secrets to a Happy Menopause

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The ten secrets to a happy menopause

Menopause is a passage that happens in every woman's life. Whether one chooses to live it as an opportunity for renewal and changes or an ordeal is entirely up to us. There is little known tricks and tips that can help every woman live a better and more happy menopause. After all, this period of a woman's life can be a perfect time to start or continue a fulfilling existence.

Every woman will experience menopause. This period of her life characterized by the end of her menses and other related symptoms does not have to be an unpleasant one, on the contrary. Menopause often happens between the age of 45 and 55 and last anywhere between one to ten years. Some women will experience early menopause due to hormone imbalance or surgical removal of her ovaries.

A woman should always rely on the expert opinion of a competent doctor and/or nurse especially during her menopausal years. Besides assuring herself of competent medical care, there is a list of things she can do to ensure herself of a happy menopause:

1)Menopause is a time to be selfish! After all, most women will have invested so much time and energy to forward their career and family by the time they reach menopause. Taking time for yourself is a nice return of the pendulum and a wise decision. In fact, a happy woman will be able to enjoy more life and participate more actively in other's life as well. I am giving every menopausal woman permission to be selfish right here, right now.

2)The menopause years are a great occasion to renew friendship or make new ones. There is nothing more fulfilling than spending a "night out with the girls" for a woman in her menopausal years. She has more free time to enjoy those special bonding. It is a known fact that laughter is the best anti-aging cream there is so all those fun nights out will be worth the while.

3) Menopause is also a very good time for a woman to ask herself what she always wanted to achieve but never got around to do. Now that she has more free time, the menopausal woman can ask herself what is left on her accomplishment list that she would really enjoy doing.

4)Menopause is an essential time to review an important checklist: your health. Have you been neglecting your health, eating fast food, sleeping less than you need to, not exercising properly? The easiest will be to book an appointment with your health care provider and make sure that you can re-start exercising. A moderate exercise is always recommended to begin with. Walking is a perfect example of a good exercise you can do daily. You can also get a dog or even better borrow your neighbor's so you don't have the burden of taking care of it!

5)In your complete health check, you will need to address if you need supplements like calcium, vitamins. One thing is certain is that everyone needs to incorporate drinking water as a daily habit.

6)Your menopausal years might also be a very good opportunity to travel. You can ask yourself if there is a trip you always wanted to do. If money is an issue, you can get very creative about putting aside the necessary founding and get going sooner than you think.

7)With your children out of the nest, you might end-up with a free room in your house or apartment. Instead of letting this room get crowded with unnecessary clutter why not make it your project to create your "special room"? Again, this project does not need to be costly. With a little imagination, you can put a futon, nice cushions and candles and there you have your perfect room. What will it be: a little reading room? A sewing room? An exercise room? etc

8)Menopause is also a very good time to revive your romantic flame. Whether you have been with the same person for a long time or are looking for your soul mate does not matter. These years can be the special occasion to let love into your life wide open and start enjoying all the happiness you deserve.

9)Menopause is also a good time to revise your personal finances. Are they stable? Do you have enough to go by? Consulting with a financial advisor might be a very wise move.

10)Most importantly, menopause is the best time to pamper yourself and reward yourself for all that you have done so far. It might be a good time to start a great project that you always wanted to do. Such project could be coming on a medical mission and bond with people who have tremendous needs. If you are concerned about finding the money to bring such a project to completion, I can tell you that when I go on medical missions, many menopausal women come along. How did they get the necessary money you ask? They just raised the money or asked their local charity association (Lions, Knight's of Columbus, etc). Do not worry, you don't need a medical degree to be very helpful, you just need a big hearth!

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