Albert Bandura - What is Self Efficacy?

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Albert Bandura is one of the most prolific psychologists of his time.
He contributed so much to psychology especially with his theories on social learning and self efficacy.
Even today, his theories and published works including articles and books are used by many in the field of psychology.
So what is self efficacy? Why is it important? What role does it play in our lives? Albert Bandura believed that self efficacy refers to the belief in one's capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to manage prospective situations.
In simple terms, it refers to the belief of a person in his or her own capabilities to succeed in a given situation.
Self efficacy plays an important role especially in achieving our goals in life and how we face the challenges that come our way.
Here are some ways self efficacy can help you: -It gives you a positive outlook towards life It is true that getting to our goals can be very difficult.
There are always problems, trials, and temptations along the way.
The good news is, you can overcome all of them through self efficacy.
With a strong self efficacy, you are able to face life's challenges head on and consider them blessings in life.
You learn to stand up again every time you fall and learn from your mistakes.
-It can awaken your interest Self efficacy can also help you become more interested in the activities you are participating in.
You try to motivate yourself to do your best.
Since you have that growing interest in you, you learn to pay extra attention and devote quality time in doing activities that can aid you in reaching your goals.
In addition, you become more dedicated, hard working, and determined to reach your goals.
-It helps boost your self confident It helps boost your self confident and you can easily recover from your mistakes and learn from them.
You free yourself from your comfort zone and become a better individual who is ready to face the world.
You learn to conquer your fears and try to do something different for your own good.
Now that you know the benefits of self efficacy, are you aware of what will happen if you do not have it? Firstly, you tend to stay away from challenges.
You no longer get out of your shell or try to conquer your fears.
Next, you become pessimistic.
You will always remind yourself of your mistakes and wallow in self pity.
Lastly, you will not have confidence in yourself.
You will have the tendency to stay away from responsibilities and no longer believe in what you can do.
Indeed, self efficacy is very important as tested and proven by Albert Bandura.
Now that you know the benefits of self efficacy, it is time you start building a stronger sense of self efficacy.

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