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All (Hair) Systems Are a Go: Part 2

Part 2: A Hair Loss Writer Wears Hair Systems and Writes My first question about hair systems was: "What's that highlighter doing on my head?" As mentioned in Part 1 of this article, I recently ...

The Woes of Hair

Why does HAIR have to be such a big part of who we are? Even at birth, the first words (except in breach births!) are, "wow, look at all the hair!" And throughout infancy and childhood there are comments and activities involving our hair.

Vitamins to Take for Thicker Hair

In most societies, thick hair is considered beautiful hair. Unfortunately, we all weren't born with those thick luxurious locks that everyone raves about. Some of use have naturally thin, fine hair. Luckily, there are vitamins one can take to help.

Three Tips To Achieve Fuller Looking Hair For Women

Getting fuller looking hair is very important for women to achieve a makeover or simply to take the years off their appearance. Full hair has since time immemorial signified youth and health, and thus the ...

The Pros And Cons Of Minoxidil is an online community for those seeking guidance and advice on solving hair loss or those simply wanting to become a part of a supportive community of individuals sharing the commonality of hair loss.

Online Easy And Effective Hair Fall Solution

There are various modes of hair loss treatment. You can find various natural, herbal, home based and best medical hair fall solution on the web with just one mouse click.

Picking your Perfect Salon Equipment Recommendations

All salon owner needs a few equipment to be able to get started with the beauty salon business. There are some things that are actually no-brainers and others that may astound you to understand that y

Propecia Cause of Additional Hair Shed?

In a recent email received in our office, our patient was concerned about having experienced some hair shedding after taking Propecia medication. He is concerned if the medication will continue causin

How Much Is Nanofibres Treatment Suitable?

Originally, Nanofibres were developed to help hair transplant patients in hair recovery. The authentic look gained from Nanofibres was just perfect for people waiting for the results that Hair loss treatment surgery gave them. Whjile today, Nanofibres are extremely popular among people from all walk

Stop Hair Loss for Free with Leimo Hair Treatment Pack

Stop hairloss and encourage healthier hairregrowth without spending a single cent. Queensland, AU, April 27 2012 -- Good news to all hairloss sufferers all over the world, now, you can stop hair loss for free ...

What Are the Causes of Sudden Recent Hair Loss?

Excessive styling and blow drying can cause hair loss.shaping hair image by Kostyantyn Ivanyshen from Fotolia.comIt is normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day on an average head with 100,000 hairs, but losing a lot of your hair suddenly can be a frightening and upsetting experience....

How to Layer Your Own Straight Hair

Layering straight hair can transform your style and change the look and feel of your hair in several ways. Layering can make hair look and feel fuller and give it more body than limp, straight hair of one length. Cutting into layers texturizes hair and frames the face. Layering straight hair will al

Female Hair Loss Remedies - A Woman's Guide

It's not just men who have to deal with hair loss; women, too, suffer from falling hair, and the number of women who do is increasing. In the United States alone, 25 million women have hair loss problems, and United States is just one continent in the world.

Effective Ways Of Tacking Hair Loss Problem!

Loss of hair is known to cause severe psychological problems to a person. It affects a person emotionally too. Hair plays a major role in deciding the appearance of a person.

Antler Velvet Supplements Can Also Help With Hair Growth

Trying to have a glorious mane is something that men and women all over the world desire. Showing away a thinning hairline is not something, which is preferred by people. Hair loss is a problem that people encounter as they age.

How to Overcome Hair Loss in the Busy World?

Hair fall or hair loss is one of the most common problem faced by men. This busy world doesn't let them take care of their hair. It results in excessive loss of hair and baldness. Everyone wa