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Brazil Coffee

While most know Brazil for its beautiful women, amazing soccer players, and pristine rain forests; Brazil is the eight hundred pound gorilla of the coffee world. Before the Second World War, Brazil accounted for over half the world's coffee production. Today, Brazil's share of the world ma

Video: Bake Cinnamon Rolls

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Kip and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village today we are making homemade cinnamon rolls. In this clip we are going to actually take and bake our cinnamon rolls. Checking periodically to see what condition they are in because as the dough rises it the...

How a Mobile Coffee Franchise Can Open Up New Markets

In the UK, Coffee has never been so popular. With over six million cups of coffee drunk per year from premium mobile coffee franchises, there is a huge market out there that the majority of coffee shop owners are not taking advantage of. But who are these customers?

Philips Airfryer Review

If you are looking for a review of the Philips Airfryer [] so that you can learn about all of the great features it has and find out if it is worth the money you ...

Growing Brussel Sprouts in Virginia

Brussel sprouts are a small, green vegetable in the cabbage family. They are easy to grow as long as their basic needs are met. Plant them for a fall harvest in Virginia because they prefer the cooler climates. The time to plant varies in Virginia because the temperatures vary in the state. If you l

Understanding Dessert Wine Glasses

A lot of people don't see the point of dessert wine glasses without really understanding what they're about and where they came from. What's important to realize about dessert wine glasses is the 'dessert' part. Firstly, I'm not talking about stuffing a fudge sundae and

How To Make Colored French Fries

Everyone loves French fries. However, it is the kids, who are thrilled to eat French fries all day long. However, the fries that are available in fast food outlets are not very healthy, as they contain a lot of unsaturated fat and sodium. So, it is best to make fries as home. However, then you may f

Dinner Theater in Denver

Dinner theater in Denver may be the new contender for "economically challenged" entertainment budgets. Here are some great reviews and recommendations.

Lavish Tandoori Food!

Indian food has made its vicinity felt all through the world, that too in a wonderful way. The nourishment is acclaimed amongst the locals as well as turn into a hot most loved of the ...

What Makes Bombay Palace Unique?

The Bombay palace has always amazed the people with the variety in cuisine that they offer to the customers. The customer service and various other facilities that these restaurants offer are so good that the ...

Red Devil Red Velvet Cake

Desserts are good; they really, REALLY are. If I was a musical composer, I would write a symphony for a full-scale orchestra extolling the wonders that are desserts. And I must say, a dessert is ...

What Makes Japanese Kitchen Knives So Special?

The world over, kitchen knives are used daily be almost every household. They transcend cultures, cuisines and continents and are one of the most striking universal symbols of cooking and food preparation. Given this, one might expect a little more diversity in the design of kitchen knives in differ

George’S Rants and Raves: Platinum 7X Vodka

You know, honestly, the story of Vodka should be straightforward and simple, but that is just not turning out to be the case. After all, it is by definition an odorless, colorless liquid with no ...

How To Grill Fish Filets

Fish can be really difficult to grill and many people avoid it altogether. If you have grilled fish, you've probably done it in a foil parcel and while there's nothing wrong with this, there's still so much to experience. Follow my tips for grilling fish filets and it's set you o

Video: Ganache Truffle Recipe

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Lindsey Smith, creator of, and today I'm going to show you how to make ganache truffles. In order to make this recipe, you'll need the following ingredients. Two cups of cocoa powder, three-fourths of agave nectar, a half cup of coconut oil,...