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How to Spend the Weekend in Hershey Park

Originally opened in 1907 as a leisure park for employees of the Hershey Chocolate Company, Hershey Park soon opened to the public and has expanded into the chocolate experience people know and love today. With four major attractions, Hershey Park is quickly becoming a vacation favorite among Pennsy

How to Choose Your First Baby Stroller

Buying their first baby stroller can be exciting for new parents. However, many parents can be taken back by the vast number of models available on the market. Here are some tips to make your first baby stroller shopping a fun experience.

10 More Quick Tips on Buying Baby Clothes

Baby clothes seem like a simple subject. Yet once you've been dressing a baby at not only morning and night time, but after every liquid burp, every overfull nappy and every muddy adventure, you'll soon develop a good sense for the baby clothes features that are sensible... and those that

Diapers and Diapering

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of diapers/diapering including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Be a Creative and Unique Parent

Did you ever think that a baby's name could mean so much? With all the excitement about having a baby to take care of, you should spend a little time daydreaming about the name of your baby!

Snowball Cookies

Recipe for Snowball Cookies, part of a collection of Christmas cookie and dessert recipes. These cookies are rolled in powdered sugar and look like little snowballs.

Diaper Rash - Should I Be Alarmed?

When does diaper rash arise? Usually during the warmer months, a baby's skin becomes more moist and sweaty and the rash breaks out. Diaper rash can be avoided in nearly all cases by simply avoiding certain products or fabrics that are skin irritants.

Basic Safety Toddler Car Seat

The Federal Government gives individual states the power to set their child restraint laws. Regulations vary from state to state, however a consensus has formed among child passenger safety experts. At each stage of your child's development, there are several factors you should consider to ensure yo

Focus on Today, Not Tomorrow

It's easy for parents of children with special needs to get caught up in worry and fear for their child's future. But in focusing too relentlessly on what might be, we risk missing out on the wonderful creatures our kids are right now.

Gripe Water Pros And Cons For Every Parent

Does your baby suffer from bad colic? Are you tired of having to stay awake and frustrated because you cannot do anything to help your child? Tempted to try out gripe water?

Chores For Kids - Chart What Works and Dump the Rest

Establishing chores for kids is a time-honored parenting tradition and with good reason. It works. However, chore charts don't work by magic and many parents fail to see the potential in using a chore chart for kids on a consistent basis for measurable success. Generally, these parents miss one

Western North Carolina Wilderness Camps for Troubled Boys

The key to many therapeutic programs lies in removing the participant from his everyday environment and putting him in a place without everyday triggers and distractions. North Carolina with its Blue Ridge Mountains and wilderness galore provides a distraction-free setting for several troubled teen

Listen, Students: I'm NOT Your Mama

Ever wonder what your children are really like in school? Are they polite? Do they mirror your good manners and hygiene methods? A teacher spins a funny tale about life in a middle school.