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Best Ways to Measure Weight Loss Progress

Watching the scale can be frustration and fruitless when you're trying to lose weight. Here are a couple of my best tips for measuring weight loss that I've personally used to aide weight loss.

Why Christians Practice Buddhism

Therefore, according to Einstein and the Buddha, one should not fear that Buddhism competes with one's beliefs, because it doesn't. Gandhi once said a very wise thing; that one could find the deeper roots of one's own religion by looking to other religions, and then returning to one&a

Wholeness - Most Important Thing Ever! -- Part 2

What goes on in one's life is a mirror of the state of one's mind; in other words, a life of poverty or abundance is a reflection of what is happening within one's mind and spirit. Life is nothing mor

Five Strategies On How To Decrease Your Stress

We try to decrease stress many ways. We eat chocolate, shopping to Mall, relax to the beach, calling friend to chat or eat varieties of food without stopping.People tend to eat so much, without realizing their body fat, but the stress comes again in their live. We need new breakthroughs to manage ou

Letting Go Of The Past At Last

Is there somewhere you desperately want to get to, but you do not know how to get there? Is this where you are at this moment? Your inner self is crying out, trying to give you the Solution, but you are not Listening.

Effective Mentors Are Critical to Your Success

Have you ever thought about having a mentor?I thought it was rather a strange idea until I learned about some very well known successful people who have used mentors throughout their lives.It has made a huge difference in my successful business.

15 Free Tips To Feel Happy Today

You may think that there is nothing you can do to feel happier. In reality, being happy is within your control, no matter what situation you are in. If you want to be happy, then you have to be willing to change your perspective and be more accepting of whatever life may throw at you, while also try

Tips on Achieving Your Goal

It is important to set our plans and goals in life. We may have the money or not, it does not matter as long as you know how to set it right. It can be short term or long term goals. Setting up is one thing and getting it all to happen is another thing. These tips will help you set your goals right

Can We Live on Passion?

I realize that my generation tends to dive headfirst into their area of interest whenever we are asked to do something. When selecting jobs, many of us follow our hearts. But is that alone enough? Or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment and empty promises?

Is Your Sobriety a Slippery Slope?

If you mow your lawn on a steep terrace in the rain, you are bound to slip on that slippery slope. Accidents happen. The same thing will happen to your sobriety if you flirt with disaster. Make sure your sobriety passes the test. Do not tread in dangerous territory, or slippery slopes.

Four Secrets To Overcome Resistance To Change

The process of change in our lives can lead us toward growth and fulfillment if we learn how to cooperate with this unyielding force. In this article you'll discover why you resist change and the four secrets to move beyond your resistance to create positive change in your life.

How to Bounce Back - The Scientific Art of Resiliency

Inevitably, your organization is going to go through some difficulties, and you're going to need to be able to manage the waves in a calm fashion.Learning about resiliency will help in that situation.How quickly you bounce back will make all the difference to your staff and your organization&ap

Regrets or Life Experiences?

I was having a conversation with an old friend the other day, it was about getting older and the things we've learned. It got me thinking about turning 50 in a year or so and how I was actually excited for that to happen. I know, my mother and her sisters would cringe at the thought of me putti