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Increase Your Personal Cash Flow and Wealth

During this current economic downturn more and more of us are trying to increase our cash flow in order to pay our ever increasing bills. Below is an article which offers helpful advice on how to increase our wealth both financially and within our lifestyle.

Home Time Management - 5 Probable Causes for Your Failure

Great home time management is somewhat of a conundrum. Indeed, we dream of how it will simplify our lives yet find it nightmarishly difficult to incorporate into daily life. This article highlights 5 probable causes for failure.

Working 'On' Not 'In' Your Life

For those of you who have been fortunate enough to work with a business coach know that the mantra of coaches today is 'To be successful you need to stop working in your business and start working on your business'. Well I think the same advice is applicable to our lives. How many of us ar

Self Esteem Building Activities to Boost Your Self Confidence

Guys, nothing is more attractive to a woman than a confident man. Now, do not get this confused with being cocky or arrogant, woman hate that and can see right through it. Being confident exudes masculinity and can really attract the women. But how do you learn to be self-confident? There are self-e

I'm Not Letting Go Until You Bless Me

Jacob was in a time of his life that he is certain that bad things would happen to him because of his lies. This time, he was certain that it was the time that his crimes would catch up to him. In this moment of fear and a little bit of regret, he would not leave this encounter to chance.

Keeping Action in AttrACTION

One of the more powerful ways to attract good things in your life is the way you Act in your daily life.Even though positive thinking and having a clear vision are very important tools toward success,out actions talk even louder to the universe.When we do what we have to do in our daily lives with l

The Honey of God's Word

The Bible says, "Be anxious for nothing," and it's a command, but I never looked at it as sin since it seems everybody does it. In reality,there are great rewards for those who obey.

Vibrational Matching Requires An Identity Shift

The key to manifestation is the ability to shift awareness and hold focus. Keep your awareness more on where you want to go and less on where you are, and you will get there faster. You have to shift your awareness to your desired reality in order to draw it into manifestation. The key is to feel co

Why Should You Use Free Address Book Software?

If you ask the younger generation today for the phone numbers of their three best friends, chances are that they won't know. This is not because they are less smart than the older generations, but simply because the numbers are stored in their cell phones and they never have to dial them. While

God Hears the Boy Crying

We have heard it over and over, but when the "waves and breakers" begin to drown us, we need to be reminded again that God is a viable and veritable force, not so much to be reckoned with as to be trusted.

Evidence of Lack, Or Lack of Evidence?

You can go nuts wondering where your stuff is - you've done the visualising, the goal setting, and now you're just waiting. Don't mistake lack of evidence for evidence of lack! Here's some key reminders.

Speak Up to Get What You Want

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could speak up for what they wanted? That was the turning point for me. That was the point when my whole life turned around and I started to have ...

Manifestation Miracle

Most people are not aware of the power of thought or dismiss the Law of Attraction as a myth. Nothing could be further from the truth: we become what we think about.

Oldest Profession

This article/blog is a souvenir to Goddess Kali; the goddess of destruction, tantra and occult powers. The goddess who helps us seek/find our inner self even in the most traumatic phases of life. May she bless the reader as well. Any feedback even if negative is most welcome. It is a source of learn

Problem-Solving Helps Business Women Build Confidence and Find Joy

Anne Marie had wanted to run her own business since she was a little girl. She worked for years and saved the money to make her dream a reality. While she anticipated many of the problems she would likely encounter like working long hours, cash flow, lost shipments, etc. she underestimated what was

God's Answers to Barbara Rose in a Personal Writing

I felt that this is important for me to share with you, from my own private journal for the many people who are either not yet aware that they can receive answers from God, or people who are not exactly sure how to go about this process.

Dream Interpretation - Science and New Attitude to All Life Challenges

The unconscious wisdom works like medicine and like the philosophy of life, giving you a superior vision about human existence and a detailed image of your psychical content. You learn how to control your behavior, without letting your primitive self dominate your thoughts and alter your attitude wh

Personal Power With Self Knowledge

Self knowledge means more personal power. You can more effectively use a computer when you know more about it, and in the same way, you can more effectively use your own brainpower, mind and body when