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4 Features of the Perfect Performance Coaching Program

Performance coaching is very necessary in order to ensure that your company remains ahead in an increasingly competitive and volatile environment. You'll need to ensure that the people in your organization get the skills necessary to ensure that they are able to perform efficiently and producti

Listening as a Spiritual Practice

One of the simplest forms of meditation is listening. How listening can be used as a meditation to align you with your deepest Self.

14 Tips of the Marriage Infidelity

Each person has to know the main features of the infidelity. They are: 1. The first signs of the infidelity can appear on the stage of planning. If you will recognize these first signs, you ...

The Wish List You Need to Write

I want to talk about a very important list. In life, I believe it's important to get clear ~ I mean really clear ~ like razor-sharp clarity. We're focusing on what you WANT in a relationship. It's everything you'd like to see in your ideal man ~ the qualities you'd like him

Taking Away Fear and Overwhelm About Leadership

The subject of leadership is so HUGE it can easily be overwhelming. Hundreds if not thousands of books have been written on the subject of leadership. Why? Leadership has hundreds if not thousands of components to it. That is why John Maxwell alone can write books with 21 laws and 17 laws and each o

Ways To Start Your Environmental Efforts

Each of us wants some thing. Lots of people have things they need to achieve or to do. Some times it's a thing that you want to have or own. In other cases people strive to be somebody or learn how to do something.

Is Action Cure To Fear?

What do you think? I feel the best way to conquer fear is to go head-on with it. Once you take control over it, it will never ever come back to haunt you. Do what it takes. Be Strong and Courageous.

Are You Under The Weather?

Well, if you are you are certainly not alone. And I'm not just talking about being blue- I actually mean that I'm wondering if it's not the weather that's getting you down. Gloomy gray skies, rain for days on end, cold and clammy dark rooms, short days and long nights, wintry sto

Easy Ways to Get a Better Memory

Memory is important in our lives. It will not only tell us who we are and remind us of the things that have happened in our lives, it will also give us the knowledge that ...

Conflict Resolution: Poor Positioning Of The Parties

Discover the effects of poor positioning in conflict resolution. Learn how to position the parties in the conflicts you may be embroiled or called on to mediate as a third party in such a manner as to resolve the conflict effectively and increase the peace in your home, the productivity of your mini

Raising Children With Special Needs

THE World Health Organization estimates that up to 3 percent of earth's population have some form of mental retardation. Impaired mental ability can result from genetic problems, birth injuries, early brain infections, and dietary deficiencies, as ...

How to Achieve Goals - A No-Holds-Barred Approach to Man-Up Your Game Plan

Whether you are in business for yourself or even if you are unemployed, you can always use a little improvement in one area common to all members of the human race - you can always use a tip or two on how to achieve goals. You may be the most successful tycoon on the planet, and have the paparazzi t

The Principles Behind Life Coaching

There are some individuals who seem to have given up on ever reaching their personal goals. Perhaps they are not setting any goals at all and merely "exist" without moving forward in their workplace or their personal life. They believe that achieving their goals is impossible and so are re

Religion Induced Anxiety

Is Religion Induced Anxiety Good For You?The fact is that no anxiety, whether religion induced or not, is good for you.Anxiety has some serious long term side effects that should be taken into consideration, and a healthy, stress free lifestyle should be priority #1.The state of the world after 9/11